Arrivé à LA

No picks yet, got to buy a camera firstMoqueur. Arrived 1 PM, Seen the pick up, i love it, pure barn find, the seller and  his son are real nice guys, making everything easy, people are cool in SoCal.

Met Dom at 7 pm, pré bug-in nights are similar as ours, we set Eric's engine that last night, and ran the car around the neighbourhood at 11 PM to test it. We're all the same, waiting last time....

I've been in USA for 10 hours, and my hands are already black, and smell engine oil and gas: i'm happy! 

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Heureux .....
Tu m'etonnes !!!!

On est plein a vouloir ta place !!!

Amuses toi bien, mon gars !!

Écrit par : madpat | 07/04/2008

Oil man à peine 10 heures in SoCal et tu t'es déjà foutu de l'huile partout ....

Écrit par : janette | 13/04/2008

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